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Model Just
How do you go about becoming a model agent?

Im very interested in scouting models in the street. Im only 16 so all i do is try to spot a model or someone that can be model. How do you go about to owning an agency?

Are there any careers you need to take in order to learn more about this. Right now im just building my portfolio as a photographer and hopefully making it into F.I.T in new york city. Then i will start getting models in the streets and shooting them free, and maybe sending their photos to agencies and getting them signed. Could this be a good step towards one day owning your own modeling agency?

I’m a model in NYC Im with ford but you can go to abrems willamina (wrong spelling) or any other agent. I know of an agency called product that was started by 2 girls (young 20-29) and they were ford models. you should call them and tell them you want an internship and they will help you. I dont know there # but you can go on there website ( and get there phone #. it wont be far 4 u to travel as it is one block uptown from penn station. But ford would be a better commute (in the teens)

Hope I Helped
A.J. :^)

P.S. If you need more info E-Mail me

PSS. BTW- to get started you could allways take my picture, Im allredy singed but i wont charge u. :^)

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