Miniature Oil

Miniature Oil

China concern target = "_blank" title = "painting"> Oil Painting Reproduction
Low-cost China and hunger for exports have already changed many industries, from appliances to food and life. The art world, at least art for the masses, seems to be coming, and is becoming a miniature case study to successful expansion of China in a long list of small and obscure industries that together represent a significant portion of economic activity.

United States customs data show that imports of Chinese oil paintings nearly tripled from 2000 to 2008, with bulk shipments reaching 30.5 million U.S. dollars last year. Retail sales are several times that, as the customs data are based on the price that entrepreneurs pay for bulk purchases. The biggest market for oil paintings canvas portrait painting wall art paintings abstract art from China found to be in Florida condominiums and other second homes being built as part of the global housing market boom. Hotels and restaurants buy large quantities of Chinese paintings.

China is rapidly expanding art schools, making tens of thousands of skilled artists every year willing to work cheaply. The Internet is allowing these paintings of the assembly line to be sold worldwide, the same technology that allows families across America to organize their portraits to be painted in coastal China. Many of the paintings depict scenes that Chinese artists have never seen. "Landscapes Europeans, like the Mediterranean or Venice or Paris, are the best sellers for us, "
As in the United States and Europe, a handful of painters contemporary China can command hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for each of their highly creative works – artists like Chen Yifei, Zhao Wuji and Wu Guanzhong. But the main thrust by China has been in the broad market for works that sell for $ 500 or less, with painters who work from postcards or images on Internet or in the case of Mr. Zhang, a large dog-eared copy of an art book in English on van Gogh.
China's ability to turn what has always been an individual art in a mass production industry may affect small-scale artists from Rome's Spanish Steps to the sidewalks along Santa Monica beach in California, and numerous art galleries and colonies in the middle.

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