Miniature Lamp

Miniature Lamp

Work LED lamps are a work light ideal for professional and home use. LED Work Lamps are perfect for use in automotive repair, motorcycle lights, plumbers, electricians, camping, garage, workshop, etc. LED work lamps are portable that can lead to different work area and provides a bright light, necessary for carrying out work in the shop or at home. LED lamps are working without cable, and long-lasting rechargeable offering simple operation and easy lamp. It comes with 30 long-life LED lights that provide 10,000 hours of efficient lighting and cool operation. The new unit also includes a swivel hook for hanging that can rotate 360 degrees, an ergonomically designed handle and an on / off switch. Light work operates on six AA batteries that are included with the unit.

The incandescent lamp of LED technology surpasses other work and halogen and has a brighter light and color model that provides closely resembles natural sunlight. It is also more energy efficient than halogen bulbs and are designed to provide over 35,000 hours of operation. Its color temperature produces a natural contrast to reduce eye strain due to uniform beam pattern of the lamp again. Other features of LED lamp construction work include solid state and specially formulated for containers that provide shock, vibration and moisture resistance. It has a hardened, powder coated, die cast aluminum housing and a choice of three replaceable hard coated polycarbonate lenses.

This high intensity LED lamp work allows maximum visibility with 36 LED bulbs that run continuously during approximately three hours. Key feature of this LED lamp is their job lightweight durability, comfort and grip handle and is powered by a rechargeable 4.8 volts. This lamp is said to last the life of a forklift without a change of bulb, and its rugged aluminum die-cast housing provides long life performance. Lights working lamp resist shock and vibration, and each unit is sealed against water, dust and corrosion.

The development of new technology LED work light has opened a new era in industrial lighting, including LED work lamp delivered an impressive volume of light and are known for creating of white light. No filament to break world, so it provides great reliability and service compared to traditional halogen lamp. Made with die-casing cast aluminum, stainless steel hinges and unbreakable polycarbonate lens, the LED work lamp is designed for work environments. Lightweight and fully Adjustable LED lamp assembly work is quite easy and efficiently used in a multitude of applications. Work LED light bulbs is an ideal job for professionals and for use at home.

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Gyros Tools has been an industry leader in Miniature precision tools, Rotary Tools and other Miniature accessories. Here you can also find Miniature Tools that are used in various functions such as shaping, hollowing, grooving etc.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comLED Work Lamp: Shedding Light for Different Industrial Work

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