Mini Oil

Mini Oil
How can I make a mini oil lamp?

I make a small seal oil lamp and I really do not know how …… By Please help! Your igloo for a project at school.

I hope someone else can answer your question, but …. If nobody else does, it could at least make the average credit or extra points for trying. This requires some practice, but not give up: Peel an orange or tangerine halfway down. Try to remove individual slices without breaking them. It is important that you let as many filamentous "center white (not edible) as you can. If you are successful with this, fill the orange sanctified through regular vegetable oil until just a little fibrous wick like a candle. Try turning it on. It should light immediately. But if not, try to let things dry a bit, maybe even during the night (with no oil in it). Please try again. Good Luck. Let me know if it worked.

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