Mic Sing Karaoke

Mic Sing Karaoke
How can I hear my voice on the speakerphone on my pc? I use to sing karaoke Posted on YouTube?

I hear my voice while PC microphone to sing with my time in real time, so you can use the karaoke / instrumental on YouTube. Is that possible? Like a real karaoke only on the PC? I hear my voice at a time while playing YouTube videos … any ideas would be greatly appreciated! =)

A free and easy way to achieve this is using yahoo voice chat. There are several chat rooms that will be empty or only have bots, so you probably have a lot of Privacy, of course, no guarantee but will accomplish what you want to achieve fast until you can find a better way. Only the position of the microphone close speaker and also where you pick up your voice and sing away. I used to do much, but in a chat room for others who did too, and all took turns only. There are chat rooms in Yahoo chat karaoke too. You may be able to seek to improve the information that if you can avoid the attack of the robots enough time!

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