Mens Womans Belt

Mens Womans Belt
The type and way to take a belt.?

I've always found that men and womans shirt fasteners are opposed positiond (in general), and they were belt in a similar manner. That is, the shirt buttons are on opposite sides for men and women's shirts and the Belts they wear on the opposite sides with regard to the excess of the men left and secured the right of the woman. My question is …… When using the style the band with two loops buckle, belt out the surplus, the direction will change to be backed up, which way to land the belt more for a man on the belt? Go the Eels! And the woman's belt surplus on the right side?

The belt is about a man on a belt to end up on the left side – the is on the left hand.

2009 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championships – Mundial

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