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Light Bar
Light Bar?

I was wandering if it would be blind to drivers coming in the opposite direction, if driving a jeep at night with a light bar. Are the irrelevant lights only way? Are they too bright to drivers oncoming? Check out the picture …. Click the link

Lights mounted on a light bar are intended solely for off-road use only. In North Carolina it is illegal to drive with them and may even be possible to obtain a ticket with the covers removed. (Most off-road lights come with lids and the aim is to make street legal can be removed when off-road.) As for how bright it is different from one model to another and among different brands, but most off-road lights are designed for a lot lighting for better visibility, where there are no street lights or anything. You do not need them in driving down the road anyway. If you want extra lights, I would suggest in a Wrangler for either original or Jeep Daylight KC fog lights and mount on the front bumper. They help illuminate the road very well and look great too. If mounted properly to not blind oncoming traffic, and make travel in the fog and weather insurance. Hope this helps!

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