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With over 12,000 items on ebay.com for cars with video / DVD, it is clear that this is the next big thing in car entertainment. If you happen to stocks product, then they will be in the money.

But how can you maximize your return on your site.

One way is to customize. DVD drive offering shop accessories you will increase the amount your customers are spending and increase revenues.

It seems a bit of a no-brainer right?

But What are some of the accessories that you can include with their automotive products DVD?

Car PC: This is probably the last accessory for the car DVD player.

Connecting a PC to convert the car DVD player in a mobile Internet, games, security and communication center.

When a fully functional PC is connected to a DVD player for the car, then goes from being a simple DVD player to be a platform for mobile Internet drive away customers. They also work as a semi GPS option, thanks to the mapping of Google and Yahoo Maps.

These teams do not exactly break the bank and start from USD 150 onwards.

Reversing Cameras: now provide their customers with the parking tool end.

Reversing cameras are visual aids that are mounted on the rear of the car. It is connected to the DVD player and offers the driver a better visual guide of what is happening behind them.

There are also reversing assistants to drivers who talk about votes on exactly what is behind them and when to stop.

Stock these cameras and your customers smile all the way into tight parking spaces. With prices ranging from USD 35 and older who are items very affordable drive after big drive DVD sales.

Bluetooth Car Kits: Another great accessory that adds to his store and has a reasonable price is the range of Bluetooth car kits that can be connected to car DVD players. These allow drivers to talk on their cell phones while driving.

The receiver is routed through the car speakers, while there is an external microphone driver talks, without removing the hands of wheel and eyes on the road.

Fun Accessories: The addition of a video display with the vehicle entertainment system opens a world of possibilities for entertainment car.

For example, connect the DVD with a DVD recorder for the car and you can get the reproduction instant (and record) of what is happening on the road.

This, of course, is the backseat driving experience to a level completely new, but that's probably a small price to pay for the fun and entertainment of these cameras provide.

Amplifiers, boosters video, digital television receivers and sound-activated lights, the list of products you can offer along with your car DVD player is sure to keep your customers interested and happy.

List of these products in your store with the car DVD players have a number of benefits that are likely to notice immediately:

* You can offer more special bundling deals
* You will be able to differentiate from other car dealers DVD
* You will increase its average return per User
* You will increase your traffic keywords longtail
* Your customers will be tempted to spend more than originally planned.

In listing these Car DVD take things into consideration:

** Does This enhance the experience of the pilots? **
The critical issue for listing it as an accessory enhances the experience that can be derived car DVD player.

Safety Products are usually always hot, and products such as rear view camera or Bluetooth calling kits that improve the safety of cars will be affected, especially with parents.

Sound quality has always been a critical issue in car entertainment and any other accessory that enhances that is critical.

** How easy is it to install? **
The products offered here are a mix when it comes to installation. Some of them can be installed even by beginners, while it is better to leave the installation of other experienced professionals. Make sure the client knows exactly how much work will be involved in the installation of the unit.

DVDs are car electronics today it is the netbook to computing. This means also the number of dealers competing for buyers is huge. Use these accessories to get ahead and get attention.

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About the Author:

Rose Li is the PR Manager for Chinavasion, China’s premier dropshipper for wholesale consumer electronics

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comCar DVD, The Four Must Have Accessories That Will Boost Sales But Won’t Break The Bank

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