Leather Cowboy Hat

Leather Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hats are a relatively old phenomenon in the field of fashion, in fact so old, that the erstwhile “Old is Gold” did not seem to work well with them this year. Fashion Reports were long saying that the craze for wearing a western hat was, by now, all over and we must look forward to new types of headgear.

Even the Access Magazine came up with their survey on Departmental Stores in 2007 to conclude that the cowboy hats were least popular in departmental stores in terms of headgear. Just when the distributors were wondering what to do with their huge stock of cowboy hats kept up for sale, out of the clear sky the trend turned itself on its head and by the Memorial Day weekend in summer, cowboy hats were popular again. What were those factors that the contributed to the circulation of cowboy hats again? We’ll see.

First things first. Let’s look into what popularized the wearing of cowboy hats in the first place. No other headwear can have the same intensity about itself, that same style statement about one’s personality and character like a Western Hat. Want an instance of this? Look at the celebrities. Looking different is all they have to achieve each time and without a cowboy hat, they are going to miss a lot of that X-Factor. Fashion magazines, following the celebrity trend have also reflected what was ‘in’ according to them and the cowboy hat always seemed to find its own place among its pages.

Now what is so special about this summer? Surely, not every year does such a trend recur? Western headwear youth camps, festivals, rodeos and the beach, sports and amusements such as fishing, outdoor concerts are places for which the cowboy hat was best suited. That same rugged, hardy and craggy look for the individualistic, typical American guy. And as if that were not enough, look at these gals, sporting their own cute look while riding the same, old horse wearing her roll-brimmed straw hat.

While some different varieties of cowboy hats for a certain groups may exist, for each different personality that a shopper might have, retailers have come up with newer styles and fashion statements in cowboy hats. Which styles are best ‘in’ this summer? Distressed straws with shapeable brims are going best. One of the best types of straw is Raffia as it is light-weight, flexible and durable. Distressed hats have that worn out look or the tea-stained look. One of the factors which contribute to the ‘coolness of the straw cowboy hat is the shapeable-brim. It gives celebrities that rolled-up look very easily. The hat shape is most popular in case of pinch front, but the typical Western Cattleman look is also very ‘in’ with their pinch tops. Distressed straws are the coolest, but natural straws come to be a close second.

Let us come to colored cowboy hats now. Black and white continue to be the all-time favorites of hat wearers, but there are also other wholesale color designs. In case of outfitting, varied colors tend to become a lot more popular, to the likes of pink. Toyo hats with Pinch front shapes are also very popular during outfit promotions. Look out for styles such as leather cowboy hats as well!

Cowgirl Hats, on the other hand have come up with a number of cool designs. The objective here is to flaunt that cute, adorable girlie look. Hats with rose appliqué could be good club-wear for gals, while they could go for fancy beaded hats which are specialties for this summer particularly. One of the chief attractions of this summer is leather cowboy hats. Leather cowboy hats can give you the perfect blending of the rugged, western country style along with the urbane and the suave. Faux leather cowboy hats and faux suede hats, sparkly hats with stars, beads or bubbles on them are quite common a style now among cheerleaders and entertainers.

If you’re still thinking whether cowboy hats will sell this season, stop thinking and look at the number of cowboy hats that are being shipped this season. We believe that there won’t be anything as cool as this headgear this season.

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