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Projector lamps play an important role in the headlamps, which are an important part of business organizations and educational institutions today. With the advent of liquid crystal display (LCD) and Digital Light Processing (DLP), have become commonplace in the halls too. It is common knowledge that consists of a projector lamp, which emits light. But not many know how these projectors lamps working and what are its various components? To dispel all doubts about projector lamps, read on.

The role of a projector lamp is to produce a very intense light and bright needed to reorient the images provided by the projector on a surface or screen. The power required to produce this bright light is provided by the projector.

The various components of a projector lamp includes a tube of ARC, mercury vapor, electrical wiring, quartz globe, bra, spoke, bolts, and screw. The plastic housing has all these components of the projection lamp together.

Turning to the operation of projector lamps, an electric current is sent through a gap in the ARC projection lamp, which consists of ultra high pressure steam of mercury. The transmission of electricity the mercury vapor lights, which emit light of high intensity and brightness. The light filter through the LCD panels or DLP to produce images amazing.

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