Lamp Red

Lamp Red

It may have been the Chinese who invented the china over 1000 years, but took the French fashion to give us the names of colored glazes, being used as standards in the West today to identify the important range of Chinese ceramic colors.

Some of these names is known as â € œFamille € Jauneâ, or yellow family of glazes in which yellow is the predominant color, € â € œFamille Noir, or the family of glazes black, € â € œFamille Gibert, family or pink and œFamille VERTEE € â €, the range of green glazes.

One of the most popular of these pictures monochromatic or colored glazes is only  Sang de Boeuf, the name by the French, or, literally, ox â € "Most blood. color names, as used in China, are derived from nature, in this case resembles the coagulation of the oxa €" in blood.

This range of red enamel was developed during the long period of ING in the Shah dynasty ™ € (1644 â € "1912), the base color from copper.

Sang de Boeuf is in a range of reds, pale, known as Peach Bloom and a palette of rich reds dark.

The Antique & Vintage Table Lamp Co currently has a collection of several examples of Chinese Sang de Boeuf lamps ranging from 19 mid mid A20a century.Â

This dark red hard work beautifully with classic interiors through traditional and modern classics and be a single color, is at home in any color scheme.

Some of these lamps are placed in elegant French gilt bronze, 18th century style, some gold-plated bronze is in the habit and turned the water brown, maple wood is.

The Antique & Vintage Table Lamp Co specialized in antique lighting of the table with a lamp on the line range of over 100 unique lamps, antiques and vintage at the point of view.

Lamps are shipped ready for cable U.S., UK and Australia.

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About the Author:

Maurice Robertson, principal of The Antique and Vintage Table Lamp Co , has had a lifetime’s association with antique porcelain and pottery. From an early age he recalls picking up tea cups, looking for the mark on the base, discerning the maker.
Extending his ceramics expertise into the quality table lamps seen on the company’s site, he is well known to local and international interior designers who have included many of his table lamps in their projects and has also supplied items of national interest to the official Sydney residence of the Australian Prime Minister.

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