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For those who collect small accent lamps, there are four antique manufacturers and styles that really stand out. These four names are Murano glass Italy, Waterford Crystal in Ireland, Capo di Monte porcelain from Italy and Tiffany Studio glass from the United States.

Of course there are other popular and glass manufacturers of the lamp, but these names represent a solid cross section of the antiquities market. To learn more about each of them, check out below.

Table lamps by Tiffany

The Tiffany lamp was first sold by Tiffany Studios in 1899. It was designed by the founder, Louis Comfort Tiffany. And though Tiffany Studios remained in business only and output of the lamps until 1938, its original lamps sometimes sold for a small fortune. For example, a Tiffany lamp Tiffany principles of his own construction recently auctioned for just over $ 8 million. Today These days, the lamps are copied en masse.

More original Tiffany lamps can be grouped into one of seven categories. These categories are called geometric, irregular top, bottom border, the transition to flowers, and geometric Favrile. The transition to the Flowers category can be divided into the cone-shaped lamps and globe-shaped flower Flower bulbs.

Accent Lamps Murano

The island of Murano, off the coast of Venice, has been the home to glass manufacturers and highly skilled craftsmen for centuries. The island is known worldwide for its beautiful glass pieces, decorative jewelry, art glass, unique style and impeccable designs. Murano glass has also been used to make some of the world's most beautiful lights.

Prices of the lamps accent from Murano glass can have a wide range of much of it, depending on who was the producer end of the lamp, when developed, the degree of glass and if you can check that was made in Murano. That said, a real Murano table lamp that was fully manufactured in Murano can go for over $ 9500 for a couple.

Small lamps Capo di Monte

Capo di Monte was a porcelain factory that operated in Naples, Italy from 1743 to 1759. The factory was closed for 12 years, after which it reopened near Madrid, Spain, and lasted until 1834. Since then, the brand, molds and porcelain mark are owned and used by the factory Doccia.

Although the Capo di Monte factory developed mostly kitchen utensils and pottery, the company also sold a number of decorative, small accent lamps. To buy an original lamp from Capo di Monte and will cost between one hundred thousand dollars, although The price can vary greatly depending on the light condition and the ease of their authenticity can be verified.

Accent Lamps Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal, one of the most famous crystal manufacturers in the world, is headquartered in Ireland and continues to make lamps today. His trademark glass lamps typically cost between two and six hundred dollars for new, small accent lamps. That said, the antique chandeliers of Waterford has been sold at auction for well over $ 500,000, making a spectacular purchase when available at lower prices.

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