Lamp Eames

Lamp Eames
How I can clean a silk lampshade raw?

I have a great lovely Eames lamp and shade is beige raw silk, but is usually dirty.I not want to wash it, and you can get water or cut marks or something. What to do? Lamp is a time and I think property the person before me was a smoker and I believe that nicotine is everywhere.

I have several silk screens and here is how to clean. First Instead, use the brush attachment to suck up dirt, dust and hair that has accumulated in the shade. You can not use any product that is based fluids or you will get watermarks. If the shadow is small enough, place in a bag full of salt and use it to wash the shade so that is usually clean and left in the bag for a couple of days to absorb odors and dust. If it is too large, you can use dry carpet cleaning granules, such as those to be resolved, Capture, Technology Or dry chemical. Gently stir the dry cleaning granules in the shade, taking care not to snag the natural texture of silk. Use a very large box to capture excess granules or do double duty as I do and do it on the carpet or upholstery, which also needs cleaning. If you do the latter, shake, and then let it dry on the carpet or upholstery and vacuum up.

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