Lamp Crystals

Lamp Crystals
How I can change a lamp 220 V to 110 V?

I bought some beautiful glass lamps in Germany, but will have to change the wiring and appliances when you return to the U.S.. I would appreciate information on what I have to buy and how to perform this task.

As consumption power of the set is not too high, as much as 200 watts, just change the plug, 110V light bulbs type, and there is no need to change the wiring. Normally, 200 watt lamp operating at 220V is based exactly 200/220 or less than 1 amp. So, if the power of your appliance to 200 watts at 110 volts, the current will be 200 / 110 which is less than 2 amps. Normally you use a # 16 or # 14 wires in the games … so I think it should be fine. Summary: 1) Change the standard plug North American 2) Change type bulbs 110v … Maybe you could get a smaller power to draw less current 3) Optional: Change the wiring to # 14. Good luck

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