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Kit Cerwin Vega

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Lou Miami (19561995) was a punk musician based in Boston. His group, The Kozmetix, was popular in the local scene and released two EPs. He combined sound with a raw punk-glam influences the choice clothing.
As usual in many punk bands at the moment, played regularly in Kozmetix Rathskeller (The Rat), Channel, Jonathan Swifts, Cantonese, and spitting, well as dens of New York, as the mint room and lounge of age in Providence RI.
Lou Miami and the rules regularly Kosmetix Mens Inn Plaza Bar in Inman Square, Sommerville. Many students of Harvard Law of the era proved to be one of the biggest fans of Lou, Mike Ermer (later a partner at a major international law firm firm) and Kevin Johnson, now (surprisingly) the dean of a law school 30. In 1983, Lou Miami and Kevin Johnson, finally met and discussed the music scene in San Francisco. In an Encore, Miami snapped "Happy Birthday Mike" in the middle of some kind of version of "To Sir With Love". The crowd went wild.
In Kozmetix, Miami was the lead singer, Jack Rootoo played lead guitar, HP (aka Helen Privett) under, Dolores Paradise organ and drums Laural Blanchard.
During the tour the band The 1979-1981 line up was Lou Miami Kozmetix, in voice, guitar, Jack Rootoo Bill Norcott on bass and Chisholm Melody on drums. Bill and Melody came to the Kozmetix of his former band Fobia. This formation of the band was a regular Monday night concert in Cantonese two years and appears in numerous clubs in the Boston area. The group was led by Joan Martin.
In a clever bit of promotion in their first 45, with "Fascist Lover in side A and "To Sir With Love" on the B, it was sold in a typical paper cover but in a white plastic bag cosmetic imitated Lord & Taylor shopping bag. It contained the memorable line "A fascist loving my mother and then my mother made me!". His Lou Miami & The LP was produced by Prim Kozmetix and Karen Ann Kirby, both of the band Boston Group in November.
His version of the song "A year from now" was done in retro []] style, imitating the voice and music singers of the 1920s.
Makeup Kozmetix '
Power Rituals: Lou, singer, Jack Rootoo, guitar, HP, bass; Laurel Blanchard, drums; Toby Ingalls, rhythm guitars. Additional musicians: Chris Spedding – guitars, Kristi Rose, vocalist.
Jack Rootoo (aka Richard "Rick" Galivan) died in MA on 13 June 2008. Lou before Miami-Rootoo Jack died in Los Angeles, 1995.
In Miami / Rootoo / Norcott / Chisholm Kozmetix poster who used the following equipment:
Jack: 1979 Gibson "The Paul guitar through a Marshall 50 watt tube amp combined
Bill: Ibanez Musician 1978 under through a 1969 Sunn amplifier head under the Colosseum and a Cerwin Vega 18 "cabinet.
Melody: Ludwig drum kit with symbols Ziljian
Lou Miami and cosmetics (1982)
Rituals (1985)
"Facsist Lover "and" To Sir With Love "
"Monster Mash"
"Dance with Death"
"Fight Fire with Fire"
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