Jacquard Silk Necktie

Jacquard Silk Necktie

Ties are mainly in two materials: silk, and the other is a polyester. Almost everyone knows the polyester bonds are usually cheaper than the neckties. However, they are confused with the wide range of silk tie price of under $ 10 to over $ 100 when all ties with "have 100% silk. One might suspect that The reason of the brand difference. Partially right, in particular, comparison between the cheapest and relations with the most expensive silk ties. The top secrets to the Silk Ties examined and passed with a tie, the consumer.

Dyed Silk Ties Tie and pressure
If you interested in the cause of Tie know retail price difference, you should establish some basic knowledge about the silk tie. The costs associated with procedures is the color of death. If you are shopping for a colorful tie, you've been thinking about how the colors to sit on the ties? There are two ways to tie dye on the market today. A yarn is dyed and the other is the pressure. The yarn is dyed, the process that all the silk threads are woven from the silk tie dyed fabric is. However, the expression of Way that all colors are printed on the fabric Woven Silk Tie. The colors of the yarn dyed mens neckties and ties "> Ties are all made of the dyed yarn and the colors of the print neckties are made from the printing process. Ties are dyed with an expensive woven silk necktie weaving equipment. But the print silk neckties no need for this machine and the color printing is cheaper than the dyed yarn. So, the yarn dyed silk ties are more expensive than the Print neckties.

A misunderstanding Term Silk Tie – Jacquard
Jacquard is a difficult word to say whether the sale are men an expert in silk ties or not. Usually people think, jacquard equally mean, dyed yarn. In fact, they are two completely different technical Conditions in the silk necktie industry. Yarn is dyed the color of dying and jacquard weaving is a process that will be woven silk necktie instructions from the yarn. These Both processes are usually combined together during the tie. For example, most people have no clear idea weather it is the same or not.

After the explanation of some silk tie manufacturing process could understand what's behind the words "100% silk. They have some ideas why we have a wide Price range for the same day of 100% silk.

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