IZ It Cocktail Time


To understand Iz you need some background: the Turks love this drink called Ayran or Airan, which is blended yogurt and water. They make it in a special kind of way, and as poetic as it may seem, using the Iz leaves a flower pattern on the user’s palm. The steel body of the cocktail maker is complimented with a blue intricate-pattern elastomer seal.

To use it, simply pour in the ingredients and seal the blender. A few good pumps to the top part with your palm effectively churns the contents (using spring action) and leaves a flower indent on your palm. With the help of the strainer fitted in the neck of the Iz, airan is filtered and purified from its cream. I think the Iz is a pretty versatile design and can be used to churn out some pretty heavy-duty cocktails.

Simple, yet effective design, with a drinky utility, what can be more cool than that?

Designers: Ahmet Bektes, İrem Celik & Koray Gelmez

[via Yanko]





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