Ion Usb Turntable

Ion Usb Turntable
What is better audio quality? Ion USB turntable or tape outside the minijack into the sound card? ?

when recording records WAV/MP3 ….

I have the Ion USB turntable too. Technically, the quality should be the same. Using the "1 / 8" stereo Input "on the plate, the turntable circuit is to convert the analog signal to digital. At that time, the USB, simply transfer digital data into the computer. If you use the 1 / 8 "input on your sound card, sound card converts the analog to digital. At that moment insideĀ» PC Bus' is the digital data. After that, they both use the audio driver to determine what "source" is a sign that you choose to record from (ie, Line-In, or USB-codec, microphone, etc) At this point the process, "bits are bits" and save to a file format you are saving. (Ie. Wav,. Mp3 . Orbe, etc) The only thing that could change this is if you spent a lot of extra money to buy a sound card ROAD updated.

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