Intergrated Stereo Amplifier

Intergrated Stereo Amplifier
fuses blowing solve kenwood ka-76 integrated stereo amplifier?

no burning smell at all, but every time the weather blows a fuse

Open up the cover and make a visual inspection and look for anything obviously wrong or loose. If that is good, disconnect everything (speakers and all entries) and see if the fuse still blows. If it does not blow, an external component may be causing the problem, as a speaker short or too low of an impedance speaker or positive and negative terminals shorted by a stray cable network. Normally the output (the amplifier section) are protected by the detection circuit. If no output short, the system shuts down. I think you have a feeding problem. The only way to try to solve it is with a diagram and a Variac (transformer variable) that is connected between the AC plug and the receiver of the power supply. It is necessary to slowly increase the variac voltage sufficient to operate the receiver without blowing the fuse. Once there is some power over her, you have to take voltage measurements from the power supply component and find where the problem is and replace it. If the power supply is good, for the output transistors shorted in the power amplifier section. If one of those are bad, they are usually replaced in pairs. Good Luck

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