Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Integrated Stereo Amplifier
Still confused about how power stereo speakers. HT amp or integrated stereo amplifier?

I was considering upgrading my 6-changer Onkyo DX drives a 7555, because apparently in better sound CD player. Now most people who review this CD player say they are promoting an A-9555 integrated stereo amplifier Onkyo because they say it sounds almost "tube and so on." My plan or was thinking about taking a receiver to my Onkyo HT SR606 HT setup new. What is the best way to power a CD player as the DX7555 and good stereo speakers for better sound quality?

Separate amplifiers tend to sound a little better than the integrated receivers, but also depends on the overall quality. Most systems separate home prices get high quality and is usually high. Usually have a preamplifier and amplifier (s). The A-9555 is an integrated amplifier, which means it has a preamp built in. The 9555 is a little more expensive than the 606. One thing missing will in 9555 compared with the 606 is the bass management, if you're using a subwoofer. I do not see a subwoofer output on that model. What I would do is listen to the A-9555 along with a TX-SR606 and see if you can hear the difference. You gain a lot of other features with the 606 (like a radio tuner, and possible use as a 5.1 or 7.1 channel system), so if your ears are happy with it you save $ $ $ and have more versatile product. Transition to 706 and you have a receiver with THX Select2 certified Audyssey MultEQ auto setup (make a difference in the sound nice I think).

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