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IN Newspaper Eco Friendly

Now this is brilliance, and probably will take some time to implement it in every home, but it’s the future ahead of us, and it just might work as is.

We all like to keep ourselves informed. That’s why a morning begins with an aromatic cup of coffe or tea and of course the news for the day. We do have options like newspaper,T.V., internet or may be a radio but let us have a look at this concept that states to be eco-friendly, easy and cost effective.

The concept called the IN newspaper consists of a flexible screen and a cradle for holding it. The device functions dually as an alarm clock by waking you up at the set time and simultaneously producing before you the news for the current day. It can do so with the Wi-Fi accessibility with content from your choice of news agency. You can even carry along the display unit just like you would do with newspaper. When done you just keep it on the cradle and leave the rest to the device. With no involvement of paper and trees it surely is environment friendly This concept by Seonkeun Park and Byungmin Woo has won an award from IDEA.

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