Huge Kit Usa

Huge Kit Usa
Huge Kit Usa

Did you know that a conversion kit hydrogen fuel is currently the fifth fastest growing vendor of a product in the U.S.? Also took root in Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Australia and New Zealand as a fire. In some U.S. states sale a conversion kit hydrogen fuel is almost faster than sales of security systems at home.

The reasons these sales are simply spectacular. Technology is proven beyond doubt to be completely safe and highly effective. Significant progress has been made over the last 3 years. Everyone can now fit a hydrogen fuel cell conversion kit is less than $ 300, including the work of their regular mechanic. No matter if your vehicle is gas or diesel.

Why put a conversion kit hydrogen fuel?

When you start thinking that in return for spending $ 300 immediately start saving between 25% and 60% for excited. For most people with a midsize sedan, the team has paid for itself within months. Of course, depends on your mileage, but an average motorist saves $ 800 annually.

But do not stop there. Keep receipts and submit them manually IRS and give a tax cut of at least $ 2,000, all the way up to $ 50,000 depending on vehicle size. With version home and if you are a taxpayer, which means that you at least $ 1700, even before turning the ignition key.

So good, in the Long term insurance premiums should drop. Savings on auto insurance installing a conversion kit hydrogen fuel Texas, Florida, California, New York, and carried an average of 18%. Why? Because insurers consider owners who took the trouble to convert their cars HHO to have a much lower risk. Beware, however. You have to go around.

So how does a Hydrogen Fuel Conversion Kit really?

First you need a manual, you can keep yourself or your mechanic's hand. Just a hydrogen generator is created from plastic CPVC. The electrodes are inserted more often than stainless steel. Approximately one quarter of water is added. A electric charge is taken low battery and passes through the water. Via electrolysis, H2O becomes HHO and hydrogen is extracted as the orthohydrogen. This is mixed with oxygen drawn from outside the car and enters the internal combustion engine with the tank standard gas. This mixture of a gas that burns 4 times better than standard gasoline. Complicated? I promise not.

Unfortunately, we're still some distance to feed exclusively on detonating car, or Brown's gas, in kit form. For now we must continue to be a hybrid system. One day, automakers can forget their own interests, and these vehicles rolling production line. But for now the image is too dark. With savings simple conversion kit hydrogen fuel species are already enormous.


How can I make more 4bbl carb Camper to run the LP / propane?

I'm anxious to find a conversion kit and / or a person that can convert my 1984 Pace Arrow motor home to run on liquefied petroleum gas. I know there are buses that run on LP, but I do not know if they are or new. I have a big budget so cheaper is better. I am ready to do it myself with the statement. Please give opinions on me or direct link. I live in SF / Oakland, USA. Thank you.

If you take an adjuster's license so they can find the kit for you, look not to adapt a gas kit you are unlicensed and outlaw.

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