Home Theater Audio

Home Theater Audio
What is the best configuration of home theater audio for a 200 square foot room and play movies, music and karaoke?

I have a room of 200-215 square feet of retail and I am for setting up a home theater audio. I have plans to buy: 1) amplifier / receiver 2) DVD Player 3) I am looking for 5.1 speaker system that is capable of playing movies in high definition surround sound and karaoke. So far I am considering Samsung, Sony and Bose. But I'm not sure if they are able to karaoke. Any advice on how to create a home theater so big?

Hey, looks like you have high expectations … especially need a good Karaoke system. For HT – is easy, since many of the systems do a good job. But what is this — a demanding task Karaoke any HT system – at least to do well, is a difficult task. IMO, any of the Bose speakers online consumers will not be enough – especially for music and karaoke – that the size of the surface. My best suggestion is to look at the Klipsch Reference series speakers: towers. I know you can not think that the towers of the most wonderful to complement a room – but for the size of your room and the need to do Karaoke – I was with them. Reference62: http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/rf-62-overview/ the reference series is very efficient speakers – who handle a lot of energy … while they are strong but also accurate when you turn it + I think provided voices sound very hot … but these series of reference can be costly. You can also check the Synergy series – which is at a better price. Klipsch also makes shelf style: check these out: http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/rb-81-overview/ … then of course need a decent receiver. I stay with a medium level Yamaha or Onkyo. DVD Player: – Samsung: http://www.samsung.com/in/consumer/tv-audio-video/dvd-player/standard-dvd-player/DVD- P192/XTL/index.idx? prd_detail and ReturnUrl pageType = = Good Luck! Hope this helps:)

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