Home Audio Stereo

Home Audio Stereo
Can anyone suggest good stereo speakers for home audio?

I'm in the market to get a pair of front channel speakers as wanted fortunate that there is much out there that plays music! Unfortunately, I'm trying to find the best bang for my money. Bose? Klipsch? Denon? Sony? I heard that if the center channel sucks, no sense not get large front channels … which is fine, maybe I will get a center, while I'm in it! I A list of companies and examples. The consensus seems to be that definitely need to listen to the speakers to make sure I get what I'm looking for. I was maninly hoping to get ideas of what companies have always had a really solid quality product. I have received several companies to explore, and I know I definitely avoid Bose. What happens to SDAT, Premiere acoustics, and BIC?

I honestly do not know how much you're looking to spend …. but …. may suggest the following which is a kind of unwritten law on audio equipment …. the company that makes CD players make excellent CD players … the amplifier is big business in amplifiers, … etc, etc, until the company makes great speakers speaker … Denon speakers are really on the basis of their professional line of equipment. If you are looking for the most of your money …. and has space for a small-ish (trace of meaning) of speakers …. I would be the next … http://www.legacy-audio.com/classicmain . html with the Classic's legacy … get a real full range, from top to bottom the reproduction of music and movies without having to put subs in the fourth as its frequency response is down to 28 Hz If you do not want to spend that much money … I went with Definitive Technology speakers. http://www.definitivetech.com/ Good luck ….

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