Hdtv Lcd

Hdtv Lcd
What is the difference and pros and con between a flat panel HDTV and a LCD HDTV?

With all other aspects being about the same except price, I was trying to compare a 40″ Sony flat panel to a Sony LCD of the same dimensions. Which one has a better picture or some quality that makes it noticeably better than the other? Due to not presently being able to view them side by side in a store, I am trying to compare what I can via online shopping. Your response doesn’t have to address Sony brand, but rather HDTV Flat panel to HDTV LCD. Thanks.

LCD is a type of flat panel HDTV. I guess you mean LCD vs Plasma. Here are some pros & cons of them
Pros of Plasma
– Better contrast ratio
– better ability to render deep blacks, more color depth,
– better motion tracking (response time)
– more availability in very large screen sizes.

Cons of Plasma
– more susceptible to burn-in (although this is not as much of a factor now, due to technology improvements in the past few years)
– more heat generation (as well as more power consumption)
– screen glare in brightly lit rooms
– heavier weight, and more delicate to ship.
Good brand that I would recommend for Plasma is Panasonic or Samsung
Pros of LCD
– LCD television advantages include no burn-in susceptibility
– cooler running
– less screen glare, more functional at high altitudes
– longer display life (although improvements are being made in Plasma screen life)
– looks better in brightly lit rooms
– less power consumption than Plasma.
Cons of LCD
– Lower contrast ratio
– not as good rendering deep blacks
– not as good at tracking motion (although this is improving, especially with the implementation of 120Hz refresh rates (and some now offer 240Hz) on higher-end models).
Good brand for LCD that I would recommend is Samsung or Sony


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