Hdtv Hdmi

Hdtv Hdmi
How do I connect my Sony AR41S HDMI capable laptop to a HDTV HDMI capable TV and watch Blu-Rays?

My laptop plays Blu-ray films and has a HDMI socket. My HDTV also has a HDMI socket so should be able to play Blu-Rays. I have connected the two via a HDMI socket and inserted a Blu-Ray into the laptop but it won’t show up on the TV screen (everything else such as desktop and internet shows though).

Is there a way to watch Blu-Rays on the TV using my laptop?

If you can play the blu-ray disks on the laptop then you must have a setting issue (unless you have an HDCP issue .. in which case the HDMI signal would be blocked. However, I didn’t think BD disks enforced HDCP … yet).

I’d check to see how to activate the HDMI port.

For example many laptops have a Fn key combination to switch video output from the internal screen to external .. I know that is usually for the VGA port, but the principle remains (There may be insufficient memory for two simultaneous HD displays).

You don’t say but I assume you have and are using a blu-ray capable player software (just as you need DVD player software for normal DVDs)?

A final thought, if you are using a poor HDMI cable and at distances over 8-10′ you may be getting no signal because of the cable. Also note that HDMI will take several seconds to “handshake” so be sure you are not giving up too soon.

Sorry, that’s it for suggestions. If none of these ideas work call Sony support and ask.

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