Hdtv Dvd

Hdtv Dvd
What is the best way to hook up a HDTV, DVD Recorder and a Cable Box?

Here is what I have to work with:

1. HDTV with one HDMI input
2. Cable box (DVR built in) with one HDMI out
3. Upconverting DVD player/recorder – with HDMI out

Each piece has additional standard inputs and outputs.

I want to ensure I have the best quality HD picture, along with the ability to record off my DVR to my DVD recorder.

What would be the best way to hook this up without having to invest in more equipment? I am willing to buy the cables needed, but not an AV receiver or some “other” type of gadget.

Help help.

You can’t record (or play) high-def DVDs on any existing DVD recorder. So you’re best off connecting the DVR to the TV with the HDMI connection.

Use component video to connect the DVR to the DVD recorder and the DVD recorder to the TV. You will still get excellent (but not HD) DVD recordings.

Blu-ray has won!

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