Gone Wind

Gone Wind
Gone with the Wind Wedding decoration ideas in the shower?

I'm throwing a bachelorette party with a past with the theme of wind. I had some ideas for decoration using gone with the wind posters, photos, etc, but I'm clueless about food and other decorating ideas. What types Food should be served to keep the issue? Do you have any idea of ​​decoration that are not too steep for the budget?

So good hospitality ole southern …. Find some food ideas that are truly southern sound … if you go for the finger food, I can not think of any time, but if you go with food food, so why not fried chicken .. and buffets are great in the south, most of the parties is pot luck as established for the whole world to serve them them .. sure to serve sweet tea or mint julep. Celebrities are the deserts of southern red velvet cake and pecan pie. Mississippi Mud Pie is good too. as decorations …. make sure you get magnolia flowers and a little Spanish moss fake would be nice (can not remember the actual use of Spanish moss *** *** chiggers) if is possible, what is the movie playing in the background ….. if outside, play horseshoes ….. if time, card games were great in the old South, as rummy or bridge.

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