Glass Victorian

Glass Victorian
Need a value of Nun holding Christ. Oval frame and bubble glass. Victorian period. Very pretty?

It appears to be from the Victorian period. One small chip of wood missing from bottom of frame. The glass has no cracks or breaks. Overall condition is good. This is a pretty nun and I have never seen another one like this. Measures 17 inches wide and 23 inches long.

If the frame was near perfect, it would be worth more than the picture. That is my guess. If you can remove the picture and find out what the picture is, you might have a better idea of the prospective value.

Many things were put onto glass in a process called AMBROTYPE. I recently took some portraits out of frames with bubble glass and found out that what they are, in reality, is a photography that was exposed on glass, much the same way that they made glass negatives, and then it was colorized, making it look like a miniature painted portrait on glass. The value of those is not that much, but because of the fragile nature of them, it is a bit more than standard photos of the time which would have been tintype or albumen prints.

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