Glass Light

Glass Light
What would be the line of sight spectra as in a vial of colored glass?

Say you were going to have a vial of colored glass, plug it in and watch in its emission spectrum in a spectrascope. It has the same filaments or whatever like a normal incandescent bulb. What would such spectra? Would it be a color or would it still be continuous white light? Could that depend on the glass?

It would be exactly spectra lines. spectra line actually applies to the atomic emission is at very specific wavelengths. They transmission curves for colored glass are more accurately called band spectrum and look like this: Blue: Green Yellow: http://www . / Yellow.pdf Red: In contrast, the spectrum of a mercury arc lamp looks like this:%% http://www.cairn-research. / Support / Technical 20Notes/Light 20Spectra/mercury.gif 20Source/Lamp%

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