Glass Hanging

Glass Hanging
Is there a metal looking glue that I can use to repair my leaded glass hanging decoration?

I have a two pink crystal pendants is broken and I repaired myself. The cracks are found mostly in clear glass so you do not want to show. I want to cover up to make it look like lead. I can not fragments taking out. I just want to beat them.

Check your hardware color adhesive 100% Silicone GE, DAP or other brands, including black and gray. Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and let dry. Cut the cone applicator tip / dump with the adhesive so you can lay down a strip of the same size as its leader and applied with care. Keep a glass of water handy and moisten the tip of your finger to mash the beans slightly with a finger or maintain the deposit at the correct angle for achieve appropriately. Practice a bit to get the desired look. Perhaps more difficult to find, and I have no experience with it, would be a false leader tube that is sold to the plastic film or liquid film "windows" things. It may be harder than the adhesive, which provides that a company yet the state of soft rubber.

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