Genuine Stingray Skin

Genuine Stingray Skin

An overview of silver jewelry Stingray

The designers have always been in the practice of permanent development of new miracles in the industry employed and the new jewel in addition to admire the long list of jewelry is the Stingray jewelry. Silver stingray jewelry and silver rings have the imagination of the fashion world since its founding caught.

More than just a new trend in fashion

Designers have a large amount of silver jewelry and stingrays Stingray Ring by installing premium are stingrays in various colors and models. The stingray silver jewelry quite a crowd puller, the jewelry has become. People have not only liked it because it goes well with her wardrobe, but is also a wonderful gift for many occasions.

The stingray jewelry is not only game with a trendy wardrobe, as in many different shades and colors, but also has attracted a lot of myths. Interestingly, many people believe that silver jewelry Stingrays and stingray leather will give power and authority to those with him. Some others believe that the stingray immense good luck and good fortune to help of them.

Enthusiasm for the use of sting rays in the jewelry industry does not begin just a few years ago, but it has a long history of being used in diverse applications. In ancient times the Egyptians used the stingray leather for the production of highly trained armor and other item of great Ornamental value because they were convinced of its durability and excited by her beauty.

The pyramids have strong evidence of this fact, and they have also been found in ancient tomb of the pharaohs. The Japanese had confirmed an enthusiasm for the stingray as by their use in arms and handles of Samurai swords of even large samurai.

Where it all began …

The stingray is a trend stretching back to the 18th Century in the house of fashion that is, France. The craftsmen of the 18th Century designed the stingray for anything other than Louis XV himself. The stingray has used in the sterling silver was fashion industry.

The finest Stingrays from the seas of Southeast Asian seas first dyed to create a variety of colors. The most prominent colors available in the market are hematite, red, brown and black. Since the stingray leather is a natural color of the actual colors may vary sometimes has.

Supplemented Versatility

Stingray jewelry for men and women over a wide range of products such as stingray pendants, bracelets, rings, Crosses. The men have a whole range of decisions in terms of design, color and style of jewelry even though it usually finds that male stingrays a fondness for silver Stingrays have rings and bracelets.

The women also like the stingray silver rings, as can any wardrobe because of the variety of colors meet other accessories necessary. The stingray jewelry and rings stingrays find many takers in normal man and in the fashion world and for its sheer Splendor and beauty.

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