Foam Mesh Trucker

Foam Mesh Trucker

We get to ask a number of emails per day, which styles of hats are popular and stylish on the market today. Many times the specific nature of the customer to reflect this, what would be most popular style of cap them. For example, a U.S. military unit serving in the desert to find a style cap attractive, while a company buy caps for a company barbecue is like a completely different style hat. That being said, there are several styles that are popular hat, no matter what. Here is a list of the 5 most popular style of custom hats:

1 – flat, unstructured cap with Velcro. This is a very popular style cap for publicity purposes because of its low cost and overall likability of the Majority of the people.

2 – Flex fit style caps. They combine the versatility of adjustable caps with the elegant look of fitted caps. The majority of the brand Flexfit Caps in two sizes – S / M and L / XL. They look like fitted caps stretch, but to make room for a wide range of head sizes.

3 – medium profile, structured cap with either Velcro or buckles. The military seems that this kind of cap attractive because of its find a comfortable fit and head covering.

4 – Heavy brushed cotton cap with contrasting sandwich visor. Ideal for customers looking for something a little different. Looks especially great when the user Embroidery color is matched to the sandwich. For example, a black cap with light gray stitching and a light gray sandwich.

5 – Washed and distressed hats. This style Cap became popular just in the last few years. We wash the fabric and need the bill is so easy look give it all a stylish cap "worn" frayed.

6 – Trucker-style caps. A few years ago, foam trucker caps one of the most popular style hats. Since then, their popularity has declined substantially Recently, there have been a bit of a revival. The style has a lower profile changed style front with fabric and the mesh backing matches the front fabric paint. To Example, black cloth with black mesh backing.

We hope that this list of the most popular cap styles is helpful in deciding which style to your next use project. Please remember that there are hundreds of different kinds of hats available and there is certainly one to fit your specific needs.

Dan Arakawa is president of Arakawa Cap Company. Find hundreds of styles of custom hats including custom Flex Fit hats, Nufit, and custom beanies.

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