Floor Standing Speakers

Floor Standing Speakers
How do I connect a kef floor speakers in my Samsung LCD TV?

Kef speakers and I want to put my TV. but I need an amplifier and How I connect the amplifier to my TV?

you need an amplifier / receiver to the STRDG510 Sony is a good option at £ 199.99 in richer sounds, if you can afford it go for the Onkyo TX SR605 at £ 399.99 both have HDMI inputs and out you better get a good amplifier / receiver to make use of the word kef speakers standing to its full potential. I have the Kef Q7 connected to the 605 floorstanding Onkyo and superior sound. HDMI to connect 1 of the DVD / Blu Ray to the receiver then HDMI to your TV. some amplifier / receiver will have HDMI and optical cable for picture and sound. The Onkyo do both from the HDMI. Also banana to connect speaker cables into the receiver. It costs about £ 5.00 a pair or go to eBay to get some good there are 10 blocks for less than 7 pounds Good luck with your choice www.richersounds.co.uk

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