Finger Oil

Finger Oil
Guitar Building: What type of oil used in the finger board?

I heard that you need to hit the oil after the fingerboard to the neck to seal, or something. I wonder … 1.Do you really need the oil from the finger board? 2. What kind of oil to use? 3. Where to find it? 4. Do you apply after installing the frets before? I cannot find much information about him. Yes Thanks. I'm doing the fingerboard and radio slot for you and for you, but you have to put dishes in the real itself.

Yes Tung oil or linseed oil. Any paint store. Later. Follow the instructions. Thin layers. Hand rubbed. (gease lotsa elbow '.) None of my business, but we would actually be better accuracy bought the fretted fingerboard installed. These locations are critical, and there is plenty of work for nothing if you have one, even a little wrong. The pros have templates to do well, no.

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