Finger Lamp

Finger Lamp

Fashion and decorating trends come and go. There are some trends that we are very happy to see go. and as I'm concerned. lava lamp is one of them. But now. that famous sixties trend has reappeared on the scene.

When I was a child. many of my friends had lava lamps. At that time. I thought they were the best item to own. My older sister lava lamps in her apartment, so I thought it was a very mature thing to have. I asked my parents for one. first for my birthday and Christmas. but I never had one. My mother was very practical, reason that could not have one because there was no additional outlet in my room. I was getting to quit my regular bulb. but that idea did not fly. Nor does the idea that he could put across the lava lamps house. My mother informed me that badly thought they were ugly.

I had to live by my parents' decision. but the appeal of a lava lamp is all consuming. Finally saved enough money of my own child care and dragged a girlfriend to go shopping with me for one. I found a store with a lava lamp on a shelf in liquidation and became the proud owner of one. I thought I could keep in the closet and would be interesting to add a glow to my room. but my mother did not know. Since I had no choice. I had to drag an extension cord and plug it into another outlet. I was delighted with the enthusiasm that I put the lava lamp in the closet. using entered the table as a table. I started off. and was one of the ugliest colors I've seen. Perhaps that is why the clearance rack? Still. watching spots brownish orange floating inside of the cup was very exciting. Only them. They called me to dinner. and while we were eating. wer heard a load crash and then the cat flew down the stairs with a strange-looking tail. I was so scared she fled under the bed and could not leave. Of course. the accident was my lamp precious lava hitting the ground when the cat went through the extension cable. It was not long for my mother to find out what the strange liquid on the floor of my room was. A terse clean it up said it all. Well. a lava lamp lava does not have it. but it sure has some strange liquid he. It was very greasy and smelly and every time I tried to catch the drops. Flows through fingers. Two hours later the result was acceptable. but I could not sleep in my room by the putrid odor. I had to 'fess up to my mom. who said he was very disappointed in me. Honestly. I was a good boy. and my mom never had I said that before.

Today, when I see a lava lamp I can not understand what the appeal of that ugly thing. especially since I caused so much trouble and only took me to the sadness of my mother's disappointment.

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