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Feng Shui

The key to finding the right colors feng shui for your home is to first learn two very important principles of Feng Shui. There are five elements in feng shui influences us and our environment. These five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. We must create a balance between these elements in order to achieve harmony in the neighborhood. The Bagua is a tool that helps locate the different areas of a room or entire house that corresponds to the different areas of your life. Just use this tool to determine areas of your room or house that needs to change and make the changes necessary to improve their lives. Finding the right colors is easy as long as you are able to use these two principles together.

According to Chinese astrology, each person has less than one year is associated with one of the five elements. Each item is represented then one or more colors. The five elements interact with each other both in the production cycle and a destructive cycle. The production cycle shows how each element creates or produce other, while the destructive cycle shows how each element destroys or is destroyed by another. Once you know the colors representing each element, you will able to understand the colors that must surround and colors you should stay away from. Incorporate more colors representing their own element and element colors which produces its element. Stay away from colors that represents the element that destroys its own element.

Wood: green, brown
Fire: Red, Bright strong yellow, orange, pink, purple
Earth: light yellow, light brown, light sandy Tan
Metal: White, Gray, Silver
Water: Blue, Black

title = "feng shui colors"> Feng Shui, colors are also used to represent the eight sections of the Bagua. This tool can be used by the celebration with the black point up and the red section points to the direction straight ahead of you while standing at the entrance Single room or the door of his house. You will be able to trace accurately the eight sections of the space and corresponding areas of your life. Look for areas of your life that need improvement. Incorporating over the color used to represent the area at the particular section of the room or house. The diagram below shows the five elements are also used in the Bagua. This is important because it will determine what kind of objects are appropriate for each particular section of the room. Different areas of your life can be considerably improved by placing the right objects in the right places.

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