Face Smile Detection

Face Smile Detection
Face Smile Detection

LG mobile phones have been distinguished by its state of art designs and technology. They have created a relationship between niche users. These terminals reflect the sophistication of their appearance and their characteristics. These devices have a clear vision and the latest technologies. LG is known for production of various products to its user base according to different needs. Recent products by the Company include BL40 LG Chocolate LG GM750, Smart LG Viewty, LG GB270 and much more.

BL40 LG Chocolate is creating waves in the market. It is an incredibly stylish phone that chocolate is really up to his nickname. It looks like a chocolate bar with the one you want to attract everyone. Its feature rich aspect to add your S-Class including touch users, sensors accelerometers, gesture control, proximity sensor to turn off the auto-and Multi-touch input methods. No keys on the front and is a touchscreen phone text. With its large 4.1-inch screen with colors rich, high resolution, you should look for reasons to watch. Enjoy an incredible picture quality with its 5MP made by Schneider-Kreuznach optics. Autofocus, LED flash, face, smile and blink detection and ensure that only perfect pictures click happy. Starting the integrated MP3 player to listen to music and connect to the web in no time with its advanced GPRS with 3G. It has an integrated memory, expandable to 1.1 GB with a microSD card. In 129 g, which fits easily in your pocket.

LG Viewty Smart is designed for those who like to have your camera on their phones. This phone LG Mobile has an 8MP camera made Schneider-Kreuznach optics and has all the features of a regular camera. Higher resolution of 3264×2448 pixels, is the automatic mode and manual focus shooting smart, geo-tagging, LED flash, multi-face detection, image stabilization, detection smile, beauty shot with high ISO 1600. The phone offers 5 pre-installed games that work in movement games, compatibility Total GPS with Google Maps, and is compatible with various messaging services to stay current. It is compatible with high-speed Internet for quick access to the Internet and a 3.0 inch screen. You can get enough space to store your files with expandable memory up to 32GB.

LG is a GM750 phone screen S-Class Touch with Touch UI. It's a world of mobile 3G and you can go online at high speed in anywhere and anytime. This device based on Windows is great for business users, with its distinctive features, such as Pocket Office. You can view documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. This quality camera clicks good pictures with its 5MP camera which has autofocus and can capture video too.

LG GB270 highly anticipated among users. Your phone funky, bright colors such as pink. Comes with interchangeable faceplates that breaks the monotony of use the same phone all the time. You can enjoy music in an MP3 player or FM stereo, whatever you prefer. FM radio with scheduled recording, you can enjoy your favorite programs anytime. This is a phone weighs only 88.3 grams and has a screen 2.0 inches. LG mobile phones have wide range to meet different user base. They attend classes and masses together.

The aforementioned article has been contributed by the Editor and publisher Shan Polluk of 3mobileshop. For more information on LG phones and attractive LG GC900 Viewty Smart Black with free gifts visit our online mobile phone shop.

And Face Detection Technology to smile?

How these technologies detect your face and your smile? What kind of sensors are used? I can not imagine people doing the high-tech. Brilliant!

People are FotoNation, now part of Tessera Technologies. It is easy to take these things for granted. How can you write a program that works well and how quickly. And the sensor of a camera – we are talking about millions of pixels almost by chance. A career in the covenants may be crazy, but for the love of God … twelve million sensor readings demosaiced measured, processed, compressed and stored in a split second. And how the hell is the Bayer filter on the sensor? Photo Technique In 1979, a list of all the cameras that you can buy (try that now!). Went the April issue has therefore been a travesty – the sound Decmo Zlarcam. You can automatically focus, record the ambient sound to the image and also could determine "Decmo '- when Henri Cartier-Bresson spoke. The availability date has been, as I remember" ever. " Well, were wrong …

ShootSac, Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T200 with Smile Detection and Visible Dust

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