Etched Glass Home

Etched Glass Home

Decades ago, the most popular types of doors were big, heavy, medieval-looking, sturdy wooden door with large designs, all beautifully carved wood stained.

While the doors can still be beautiful, but also create a darker, more atmospheric omen to his house because not allow light through and are usually dyed in dark colors to create the image of being very old.

However, the trend Modern has been toward more light and elegant glass doors, allowing plenty of light to pass through the window of the door, from room to room.

Glass doors create an atmosphere lighter, more comfortable, and it has shown that a well lit home can improve your mood and let you be more general.Thus productive, glass doors can be a great choice for your home and office, if you want a warmer atmosphere.

There a variety designs can be created in the glass doors, as with wood and wood carvings. Design of the glass door can be very complex or very simple, but beautiful, there are many different ways to create wonderful designs on glass.

The first is the process of crystal glaze. Frosting glass through sandblasting will create a translucent, the harder the future design of the glass door that can display any number of intricate designs.

If you want more depth in the design glass door after blasting is great because with this method of freezing in several steps, different transparencies can be created in the crystal.

Light and heavy translucencies are similar to the shadows of a work of art, and create three wonderful three-dimensional effect.

Another method is through frosted glass Leptat acid process, which was developed by the Czechs at World's Fair, which was in Osaka, Japan.

The process of frost Leptat acid and engravings glass much more deeply than does sand blasting, while sand blasting will create a rough gloss on the glass and plastic may seem, as the acid process Leptat frost glass by creating deep engraved crystal make the glass look like a cut stone, and causes thousands of bright lights to reflect the multifaceted surface.

Recorded Leptat is really a beautiful design of its glass door as possible, but the downside is that you can not shadow images with light and dark, unlike sandblasting.

The last method of designing the door glass is, of course, stained and stained glass. Stained and colored glass is created using metallic oxides to make colors in glass, these days, often subtly tinted glass can be seen in the doors and windows, and creates a nice effect of sunlight.

Stained glass is also more subtle now, with some staining and most left clear glass so that the effect is not so remarkably bright. The glass can be designed using liquid or semi-solid advantage on the contours, and then welding pieces of colored glass pieces with stained glass. To create at home, you can use glass paints.

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