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1. The phone design
The proprietary telephones are likely to have testers and researchers whose concern first is the appearance and feel of a phone. They work hard, time to test different looks and designs in an effort to attempt to produce a phone with good looks and falls with a certain amount that is given from above.

Chinese phones off the mark almost always skip this step. Generally, obtaining a pre-existing mold If the phone and then use their own products and electronic components inside. These moldings are often based on world renowned brands such as the iPhone or a Blackberry, and he leaves much of Chinese manufactured phones seem false (in fact, is often exactly what they have in mind when they buy the molding, first). Why so, more than trying to take advantage of a famous beauty brand, is it cheaper to buy a part for a phone that is done all the research and produce their own.

2. Internal Phone Chipset
The mobile brand use a variety of different chips for cell phones that do. Often, the phone became chipset are selected on Pricing and performance potential. Higher speeds in MHz chips are very valuable when a phone is running some functions intermittently, making it more when it comes to smartphones later. Phones sold chipset final weak base can be used with a processing fee that is much slower, making the price much lower in comparison.

Chinese phones outside the mark is almost certainly short of only the MTK chipset. MTK (MediaTek Inc.) chipsets have two generations currently used in most phones.

The first generation (MTK6225) are often used low-cost phones and not to just a normal phone, like calling and messaging, also allows the phone has the ability to touch screen, WAP, Internet capabilities and multimedia capabilities standard (such as a device camera / camcorder, MP4 player, MP3 player, etc..)

At the other extreme is the MTK6235 that comes with faster processing MHz making screens beer can, more-res cameras, speed EDGE connectivity and Internet access via Wi-fi.

Both of these chips are not comparable chipsets famous name brands in terms of pure speed and power, however, manufacturers of mobile phones Chinese name, are a blessing, because are able to have many of the features of next-generation phones and cost less power (and be easily obtain).

3. Phone OS (Operating System)
Branded phones are often operating system which is different from other phone operating systems such as Blackberry or iPhone OS X operating system. Sometimes, if a company is superficial, which obtained the rights to use other firms operating system (like Windows Mobile) and leave it unchanged, or modify to meet their own needs.

The phones of Chinese brands are almost all using the same operating system, known as the core operating system. For these manufacturers, it is a very good choice because this OS is known for facilitate the programming structure and light, without using too much processing speed (you need the chipset MTK), with no supply problems, because it is very common, and even the opportunity to take a look elegant telephone interface so well. All this adds up to less time and money spent during the development period for the phone.

4. The phone's UI (user interface user)

The brand name phones using a user interface that is tailored to its platform built outside of their operating system. This is done so that the phone may have a unique look that separates them from the herd of other cell phones.

U name phones also the possibility of developing a variety of different user interfaces using the core operating system. Often, however, not use this ability to create new interfaces to separate from its competitors, but mostly just recreate phones more brands famous. This is done in such a way that corresponds to the user interface in the case definition of a battery (also modeled on brand mobile) or a quick and dirty to make an interface that looks great and it is widely accepted. Copy interface is often created for Mobile is a variant of the icon that has powered the famous iPhone interface.

Overall, the phone manufacturers on the mark which is not able to make some devices that are very different (in terms of design as in the system) such as mobile famous brand name, but as I keep the costs and benefits than they will use all possible shortcuts. Good advice follow is to take care of any provider that you have in China. Your catalog will contain tons of "mobile" Real mobile prices very low, and the mobile phone could even resemble a real model, they may be wrong, though. Please Remember when you buy your phone from China.

Gregory Mulford lives and works in Shenzhen China, and is the Marketing director for Quad-Band-Phones.
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You can rely on OEM wireless accessories?

You know, those sold for $ 25 in stores, but you can find on ebay for 3.99 $ (Probably pirated and really cheap, made by children against exploitation in China). Unless someone has an idea for a Cable DCU-60 Sony Ericsson.

Things low prices on eBay was not OEM, generic, the official in-store material is OEM. I Purchased the USB cables cell phone off eBay a couple of times and works well. Just do not buy cell phone batteries China, which is dangerous because it could explode.

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