Emo Punk Slim

Emo Punk Slim
Hey guys Punk / Emo-ish look?

hey okay so in 14 anmost 15 and I really love all the skinny jeans and a T-shirt thing. its not really popular in my School, but thats just the kind of thing that I like for a while and I wasn't good choice in clothing, but now I am so we could help with the whole emo / punk look? I mean I like a couple of outfits, but I did not want to have a few will wear what I normally do, the next few days. (My friends always bought from me and made me what they look like ehh .. and so i dont want more) in 5'3 how and how slim, but I have curves (i dont mean in fat, its only in the non-Inny Minny) could you help me some outfits you? thanks so much <3 u and if ur wondering why its cause in Usenet here in the bi so dont checked, that does not mean, in the "omg like I am getting bi? omg like im so freakin scared! "Kinda what we all kno we get a lot of that lol thanks guys i love yall plus taste the best! Oh, and of course Accessories make the outfit, thanks lol

Go to: http://www.hottopic.com you want you can buy some band T-shirts, and they have Wicked Awesome Accessories exist. I bought some rad ass hair dye from there. Anyway, mark the site of IT's awesome buy your jeans either: http://www.forever21.com OR http://www.torrid.com (I do not know your size, so that's why I posted's hot site) Enjoy!

Bill Kaulitz- Tainted Love

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