Electric Table

Electric Table
"Water is placed in an electric steam table is fine, or in a deep pan put in the pit?

I recently purchased an old, used electric steam table. Of course, no instructions came with it and I'm sure if the water should be placed directly in the wells, or whether there should be a container of water placed in them, and then the other in the pans. I tried to put water directly into the wells, and it seems to keep food hot, even when you turn the temperature down (from timeline is 1-5, not in degrees), and causing it to burn sauces. I fear that the implementation of a unique experiment to compare water could make it run too hot and burn an item. I know this probably sounds silly, but so far I have only used gas tables so am in a territory largely unknown. How does everyone create their electrical panels? Thank you!

You're doing great. The only thing that comes to mind is change the "timeline". A temperature dial is like a volume control. They are rated for the voltage, resistance and current, so be sure select the correct one. Resistance is measured in ohms. The rheostat (dial temp) should have a greater range than today. If you have a multi-meter Set the temperature dial to 1 and measure the resistance across the line. You may want to double that number, but no more. At 0 ohms is a direct circuit and will be as hot as you can achieve. When we say 10,000 ohms may be lucky just hot. Good luck,

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