Dvd Home Theater

Dvd Home Theater
Is a home theater system DVD Player BlueRay be connected to cable and Xbox later?

I am looking for a house and cheaper than a film would do basic surround sound DVD player, BluRay player, Xbox, PS3 and my laptop. Any suggestions? Are these normal systems of home theater DVD do that? @ The One: Thanks for the reply. So you must buy a receiver with speakers and a home theater with DVD. But what with TV? Will TV (normal antennas etc) are connected to the surround receiver?

Yes and No. If you simply want to connect laptop and Xbox etc and have "regular" quality, most with a base hometheatres RECIPIENT. However, not all of them support HDMI for the PS3 and Blu-ray. So you have Make sure to get one of those who can. However, these do not come with a DVD player. They only come with a Blu-ray or come as a receiver with speakers that can be connect to their own DVD or Blu-ray. So you can not get a DVD hometheatre, but you can get an independent homethatre a receiver. (Sony makes lots of which are Blu-ray compatible, check their website) == == EDIT Yes I would. But you may not get a 5.1 surround sound. Only channels HDTV Audio provided by 5.1. For the rest you get a stereo audio from your 5 speakers (or the front two if you set that way). ——- For example: Sony HT-SF2300. This model can be a little old, but it is what you need at the price range you want to be. Something like this should be good.

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