Dual Double Cassette

Dual Double Cassette
What is the best you have had or currently cassette?

I have a KENWOOD KX-W6020 dual cassette deck capstan double & A How many also KX48C KENWOOD heads has KENWOOD KX-W6020 cassette is? Can you help? Feel bad in Audio Category

The best tape deck I have owned was a Denon .. that was 3 head and bought it used from a friend .. I do not remember what model it was and I did not have more .. that Kenwood is a dual cassette deck and dual cassette player Most only have 2 heads on one side were those who had 3 heads on one side, but most did not. You can tell how many heads it has with only look inside with a flash light .. look both ways and if one is different with a snack in the head and the other is not likely that three heads.

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