Dual Cassette Tape

Dual Cassette Tape

Videotapes were actually a medium used for storage of videos and sounds. Video tapes are 4 inches deep, covered with 1 inch thick and a little over 7 inches wide, made of plastic. 5 screws hold them together. They have a lid. This cover protects the tape. These videotapes of a long tape. This is actually a tape in which all the videos and sounds are saved in the form of a coded message. When inserted into the player, the player can decode the messages and plays the cassette. In this article we will discuss the journey of video tapes to DVD.

A Japanese company called The Victor Company of Japan Limited, in 1976, he the first videotape. This company is known as JVC betterly. During that time there were video tapes that much popular. But after the 1990s, this system became very popular. Several firms began making videotapes during this time. Companies like Sony, Philips became the pioneers in this field.

The sound and picture quality was very good. The biggest problem when it was in storage capacity, which was quite limited. The tapes also were very sensitive. The user must take good care of them. If somehow the tapes were broken after the tape became useless. The player also has to be clean and tidy. The tapes may entangle on a turntable messy.

Time passed and these tapes began to be obsolete and replaced VCDs. VCD stands for Video Compact Disc. VCD does not have any tape. They use a compression standard, called MPEG. This system is completely digital. VCD can store up to 800 megabytes of data.

However, VCD is being becoming obsolete today. The DVD is the latest addition in the world of digital formats. It consists of laser diode with a wavelength of 650nm. DVDs have a write speed of 1350 KB per second.

The DVDs are mainly five types.

– From one side, dual layer

– From one side, single layer

– Both sides of a single layer

– Double-layer double-sided on both sides

– Double sided, dual layer on one side only on one side

A DVD has many advantages. They have a large storage capacity. It is many times larger than the C. Ds or videocassette. The picture and sound quality here is brilliant.

DVDs can exist for a long period of time. Unless you have zero in them, can go on and on. Today, even the scratched discs are not a problem for listeners. There has many DVD players that support striped also.

This disc can play back both audio and video. There are some that only play audio files. Others may play both of them.

Write a movie on a DVD is easy. You just need a DVD burner. The fact that the storage capacity is better here, no need to buy two DVDs as blank CDs to write a full movie. A complete film can be stored on one disc.

There are many popular brands, what we can offer good quality movies at a reasonable price.

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