Drop Chandelier

Drop Chandelier
What part is the spider is down in The Phantom of the Opera?

I recently went to see the play Off Broadway in The Phantom and the interpretation spider theatrical drops during the scene where Charlotte is playing the Countess in "Muto." In the film, but the spider falls after that the phantom kidnaps Christine while singing "point of no return" on the stage …. Does anyone know what part of the spider is originally supposed to drop?

In the game, just after the first act. After Il Muto and I ask all sequence. Just before the break. In the original book, which was the same. Of course it was not Il Muto in the book. But in the original novel, halfway through the book, Charlotte is the song and the Phantom drops the chandelier. After her kidnapping, in the end, just drop the light for grabs Christine Faust and off stage.

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