Double Cassette Tape

Double Cassette Tape
Rock band Poison 80, bought a double cassette tape live at the 90. What were the last two songs on side B?

The world renowned lol! 80's / 90's Rock band Poison bought what I think was in the cassette tape early 90's I think it was live? or maybe Studio? and I'm pretty sure it was the B side was two bonus songs. Can anyone remember the last two songs and is one of those songs that has a bit of hard rock feel to same I'm looking for or the name please. Any help would be appreciated.

Album – Swallow This went live in 1991. There were a dozen songs 4 songs live studio cuts. – So tell me why – Soul On Fire – Only Time Will Tell – No More 'Looking Back (Poison Jazz) also Greatest Hits 1986-1996 had two new songs – Sexual Thing – Lay Your Body Down I hope this helps

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