Double Cassette Deck

Double Cassette Deck

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TRZ-80 redirects here. This should not be confused with the TRS-80 line of computers.

The first Genius Video
Video Genie (or simply Genie) was a series of computers produced by the Hong Kong-based manufacturer EACA during the 1980s. They were compatible with the Tandy TRS-80 Model I computer and could be considered a clone, although there were differences hardware and software.
The teams that make the series were
Video Genie System (EG3003 – first version in early / mid 1980)
Video Genie System (EG3003 – second version in late 1980)
Genie I (EG3003 – Third version in late 1981)
Genie II (EG3008 – end 1981)
Genie III (EG3200 – Mid 1982) – a company more geared to the machine with CP / M-compatibility.
Despite Video Genie was the name used in Western Europe, machines sold under different names in other countries. In Australia and New Zealand is known as the Dick Smith System 80 MK I (EG3003) and System 80 MK II (EG3008), and in America North were sold as the PMC-80 PMC-81. In South Africa, the Genius video was sold as the TRZ-80, a name similar to its rival.
In early 1983, the machine Related Color Genie was released by EACA.

Video Genie – the lineup of the first version.
CPU: Zilog Z80 to 1.76 MHz,
Video: TV, cable included
16 KB of RAM, expandable to 48 KB
12 KB ROM with Microsoft BASIC LEVEL II
Storage: Built in 500 baud cassette deck
Cable for the use of an external cassette deck included
Built in powersupply
The first version had only a 51-keypad and lacked the CLEAR and tab keys, compared with the Tandy TRS-80 Model I.
The second version has corrected a keyboard, but sacrifices the right shift key. This version also added a cassette player VU-meter and volume control, a useful feature for loading software cassettes.
Genie I (the third version) appears in lower case with the drivers built-in extension ROM. This ROM also contains an enhanced keyboard driver and a machine language monitor.
Genie II was just as genius, but I had a 19-key on the keyboard instead of the internal cassette deck. Also, the keyboard has been updated, adding the key missing make the right shift keys keyboard 53 19. Designed for use with disk drives, although this is still needed EG3014 Expander.
EG3014 Expander
EG3014 Expander The extension is for the Tandy TRS-80 Model I Expansion Interface. It has a Centronics printer port and a single density floppy disk interface to 4 single-sided or 3 double-sided discs. It also has sockets for the addition of two banks of 16K of RAM (which can be extended to 48 K of RAM) and the edge of connectors for RS-232 interface EG3020 and EG3022 S-100 bus interface. The EG3014 could also be extended with the kit EG3021 Dual density.
Parallel Printer EG3016 Interface
Centronics printer port add-on.
References and Notes
^ Eric Lindsay, What is a TRZ-80? – Or a genius video or Dick Smith System 80?, 80 micro, January 1982, p. 218
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Color Genie
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"A Tribute to Dick Smith System 80" in the classic
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