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Door Cover
Door Cover

When you apply for a job if an offer of employment ads in newspapers or by referral to a person who has knowledge of a job with a company or agency, the letter of your application is very important, even essential for you to reach the interview stage. The letter motivation is often your first contact point with the organization, as the reader will probably never experienced before. As first impressions are important when you apply in person, letter and design are also important because they reflect his attention to detail, correct spelling and grammar and the general level of professionalism. The whole package of information you provide is basically "you" on paper, so that a greater impact positive as possible. Here are some tips:

The letter of introduction to society, highlighting your interest and qualifications for the position with the support of the details of their education and work experience and, finally, the request for an interview. You must be concise in your writing and this letter should not have more than one page. What the letter on the page is equally important. This should be the format of the style of a business letter with all details left justified and sufficiently established.

Begin your letter with your own management, which includes your address, and city code. After leaving a blank line and insert the current date. Now, it's a minor point, but important. I have seen many letters with a date is six months or two years. The shootings, not just the lack of attention to detail, but also likely to send mass mailings and does not update the information contained in the package. This is a sure way that your application rejected.

After the date, leave a blank line and enter address where the address of the person or organization you are applying. Check the job advertisement to see if the name of a person understands that you can address the letter. If not available, do everything to find the name of the Director of Human Resources or the supervisor of the department conducted the interviews. See the website of the organization of such information or make a call directly and ask the human resources that the letter should be addressed. His spirit will be rewarded. As you write your letter to the habit of using the company name, not just talking about them as "your company or organization." This shows we took the time to personalize the letter, make every effort to be impressive.

So if you think all this hard work, so for some time, but worth it. This shows the seriousness that it begins with the desire of the interview and any this contributes to its implementation are detached from the rest. The same letter should be composed of four paragraphs, which identify the position you want and how your education and work experience respects the rights and responsibilities. Reference what you know about the company, the application and no role in the local community. Clearly display your contact information in the last paragraph included a phone number and e-mail.

After the last paragraph, leave a blank line and use a closing like "Sincerely, or Yours sincerely" and then leave four or five white lines and insert your name. Sign your name in the blank on his name.

So write your letter on a positive note, no bad comments on the employment experiences precedent. Be honest and sincere to make statements about yourself, your education and work experience. As mentioned above, keep the letter a page. It is also good practice not only to correct the spelling of their documents and have a friend or colleague, the reading test to be sure they are clear and easy to read.

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Raymond Foster is a college professor that specializes in career advancement techniques.

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