Dlp Lamp

Dlp Lamp

Digital Light Processing (DLP) projector is one of the most popular types of video projectors today. Projectors with this technology offer high-fidelity and high-resolution solutions for entertainment as well as work presentations. Hence, they are suitable for both business and home theatre applications. Not only in rear projection TVs, but DLP technology is also used in movie theatres for feature film projection.

In my previous post I had mentioned that a projector has four main components, namely Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) chip, color wheel, light source, and optics. Among these, the DLP TV lamp plays a vital role in the working of a projector. The light from the DLP TV lamp passes through the color wheel, and then to the DMD chip. The DMD chip switches its mirrors on or off depending on the color reflected off them to produce an image.

The life of a projector replacement lamp depends on a lot of factors. Apart from usage, there are other factors that affect the life of a DLP TV lamp. For instance, keeping your projector in a poorly-ventilated area will make the projector replacement lamp hotter and burn out faster. To ensure that these projector TV bulbs have a longer life, it is best to keep them in places with proper ventilation. You must also clean the air filters regularly.

When the images begin to lose their brightness and appear dim, it is a clear indication that it is time to replace your DLP TV lamp. If you’re looking for a place to purchase projector lamps for your TV or projector, then BulbToGo.com is the right place for you.

Abstract A DLP lamp is a vital component in a DLP projector. Simple measures such as keeping the projector or TV in well-ventilated rooms, keeping them away from heat sources, and cleaning air filters regularly, enhance the life of projector lamps. The DLP lamp calls for a replacement when the images on the screen begin to appear dull.

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